Team Building Green

TEAM Construction's approach to sustainable construction can be summed up in one word – PROACTIVE. Our efforts begin at the earliest stages of project involvement by working closely with the design team to understand project goals. During buy out and construction, we put our construction knowledge to work maximizing contractor points. We communicate clearly with our subcontractors making sure that they know which items are critical and cannot be substituted. We are an integral part of each project team and provide a first line of defense on many design points by providing review and comment for the architect where appropriate. TEAM Construction understands what it takes to succeed at all levels of sustainable aspirations - be it a simple conscientious approach to the environment or LEED Platinum certification. Many times, we can provide creative solutions that either facilitate point capture or reduce cost.

Green Building Approach

Many contractors talk a good game regarding their green approach, but fall short when it comes to bringing value to projects. As a general contractor, much of the value we bring to a project takes place on the job – in the field. At TEAM Construction, our goal is always flawless execution and our approach to sustainable building is no different. Yes – TEAM Constructions' corporate philosophy is to be environmentally conscious - Yes - our executive team supports our corporate goals and embraces sustainable design/construction. However, to be successful our teams on the front line also need to embrace these ideals and execute accordingly. As with all corporate initiatives, we clearly communicate our expectations, provide training, measure results, and provide feedback to assure our teams are walking the walk.


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