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General Foreman

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The job objective of the General Foreman is to coordinate manpower across large projects or multiple smaller projects, communicate daily activities and concerns with both client and project manager. The General Foreman role requires an extensive background in this trade with the ability to discover deficiencies and train personnel that he/she is responsible for. This role will require meetings with clients, it is expected that this individual is prepared for these meetings & presents themselves in a professional manor. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing document and may not include everything that is required of this position based on the needs of TEAM Construction.



  • Current OSHA 30

  • Thorough understanding of job site safety requirements and practices

  • Assist with determining and creating required JHA/AHA forms for projects

  • Ensure that all field staff have been properly trained and certified for all tasks they are required to perform

  • Ensure that all field staff have been provided with, and use, all required PP&E and tools to complete the task in a safe manor

  • Ensure crews are utilizing certified employees as needed (i.e. equipment certs to be carried by anyone operating equipment)

Documentation / Daily Reporting:

  • Provide concisely written daily reports detailing, crew sizes, onsite equipment, tasks completed, potential upcoming issues, delays, or safety concerns.  Daily reports to include progress photos of contract specific scope and overall project.

  • Review foreman’s reports and provide training as required.

  • Update PM of any onsite direction out of contract scope.

Daily Time Cards:

  • Assist with daily time cards as required.

  • Provide time card training to foreman and review time cards for accuracy and completeness.

  • Have detailed understanding of project budgets, phases and cost codes.

  • Review weekly payroll at the end of the work week for project crews prior to final submission.



  • Thorough understanding of drawings as it pertains to your trade and any trade requiring coordination with your trade. All drawings, specifications, and pertaining documents must be reviewed for proper coordination and install.

  • Ability to discover and recognize the need for RFI’s and convey this information to PM/PE.

  • Ensure that foreman and crews are working with current drawings and project documents.


  • To assist foreman with design/buildability of projects ensuring that all construction meets or exceeds industry requirements or standards, coordinate structurally engineered details with project manager as/if required

  • Assist PM/PE in creating project specific QA/QC checklists, ensure checklist are completed and any deficient items are rectified immediately

  • Provide internal pre-punch for quality control

  • Provide our client with end product that exceeds industry standards


  • Review manpower needs daily.

  • Help with seeking out new employees, hiring, and building crews.

  • With assistance from foreman, continually review capabilities of journeyman and apprentices, provide training or review alternate tasks that this individual may excel at.


  • Have thorough understanding of project schedule and client expectations.

  • Understanding of project sequencing as it pertains to any task prior to or sequential to your trade.

  • Offer insight on sequential flow of construction schedules to make project more efficient.

  • Ability to create look ahead schedules and execute proposed schedule.  This includes the review of resources, tools/equipment and materials to ensure proposed schedule can be met or exceeded.

  • Review and discover potential issues within project schedules and look-ahead schedules and provide solutions. 

  • Coordinate with multiple trades/subcontractors to keep schedules efficient.



  • Assist project manager with reviewing/creating achievable production rates for given project and tasks

  • Attend pre-bid proposal reviews with a knowledge of current crews average production rates

  • Convey production rates to foreman and crew

  • Continue to track and evaluate production rates and provide feedback to PM

Customer Relations:

  • Required to present yourself in professional manner

  • Build relationship with foundation of trust and integrity – the field is who the clients see and the work accomplished is what makes clients want to hire us.

  • Attend onsite subcontractor/coordination meetings to ensure efficiency with other trades

About the Company

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