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General Superintendent

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The General Superintendent is responsible to ensure operational excellence of TEAM Construction projects while overseeing Field Operations. The General will directly supervise Senior Superintendents, Superintendents, General Foremen. The General Superintendent will maintain order within the cadre of Superintendents employed by TEAM and ensure policies and procedures are followed to the highest standard achievable.

In addition, the General Superintendent must demonstrate Management and Organizational Skills, as well as have strong communication and client service skills. Moreover, the General will embody TEAM’s culture of Collaboration, Leadership, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Respect and drive to champion the construction industry. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing document and may not include everything that is required of this position based on the needs of TEAM Construction.


Through direct supervision, the General is responsible for the following:


Program Management:

  • Oversight of TEAM Construction Projects.

  • Oversight of TEAM Construction Policy and Standards.

  • Oversight and Management of TEAM Construction Field Programs.

  • Responsible for the Professional Development and Training of TEAM Personnel through enforcement of Program standards and focused training lectures and seminars.

  • Oversee day-to-day jobsite supervision of field labor force including jobsite superintendents, foremen, subcontractors and other construction related personnel.

  • Assist all departments in program implementation and maintenance.

  • Enforce Project Site and Superintendent uniformity ensuring the highest professional appearance standards are maintained. 



  • Demonstrate commitment to an Injury-Free Environment.

  • Communicate and enforce the TEAM Construction Safety Program and culture to the Company.

  • Assist jobsite superintendents in the generation and analysis of JHA’s, Subcontractor and Safety Programs, including confirmation of weekly onsite safety meetings, HAZCOM analysis (as needed), OSHA requirements, and location specific requirements.



  • Participate in Subcontractor scope review/bid award meetings.

  • Assist in the generation of project Master Schedule.

  • Assist Estimating and the project Team in detailed Constructability Reviews.

  • Contribute to Subcontractor packages scopes of work inclusions/exclusions specific to each trade.

  • Assist in review of outgoing proposals specific to logistics planning, scheduling and man power allocation.


Quality Control:

  • Assist jobsite superintendent in constructability reviews and reports.

  • Develop Quality Assurance & Controls with jobsite superintendent to ensure TEAM Construction quality is achieved as work progresses.

  • Conduct random quality inspections documenting findings and coordinate corrections with jobsite superintendent.



  • Maintain good relationships with internal and external clients, including representatives of Owner, Architect/Engineer, Consultants, and Jurisdictional representatives such as inspectors.

  • Assist Project Manager staff in the supervision and responsibility of the total construction effort in accordance with design, budget, quality, and schedule.

  • Inspect Subcontractor operations to ensure compliance with Prime Contract requirements.

  • Review and approve Trade Contractor Payment Applications with project management staff.

  • Review site logistics plan in coordination with jobsite superintendent and project management team.

  • Coordinate site testing and inspection efforts with jobsite superintendents, including the review of all "end of project" required inspections.

  • Review testing and inspection schedule as developed by jobsite superintendent.

  • Monitor costs, including labor, material, and equipment with jobsite superintendent and project management staff.

  • Attend and Monitor weekly subcontractor meetings.

  • Attend and participate in project meetings as needed by jobsite superintendent or project management staff.



  • Review schedules and assist jobsite superintendent in the preparation of detailed short-term schedules to ensure all activities take place on or ahead of scheduled dates.

  • Review and provide constructive feedback to project engineer and jobsite superintendent of the meeting minutes and agreed upon task resolution.


Document Control:

  • Review and Submit jobsite superintendent’s Daily Reports each week to ensure proper documentation of all field activities, trade and subcontractor manpower, progress and conditions impacting the project, as well as Safety implementation and logging, Accident Reports, Quality Control Reports, and T&M Management to the project team.

  • Ensure Superintendents leverage TEAM supplied devices and software programs to accurately communicate Logistic, Disruptions and Impacts, Quality Control, RFI’s and Asbuilts Plans.



  • Providing training and education to support job superintendents and project engineers as it relates to Program Management, Safety, Preconstruction, Quality Control, Construction Management and Document Control.

  • Review and provide constructive feedback to the performance of project engineers and jobsite superintendents.

  • Assist Project Engineers and Superintendents on reaching their fullest potential.



  • The General Superintendent will generate and provide comprehensive Weekly and Monthly Field Reports to the Operations Team detailing program status and health for the responsibilities overseen.

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