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Project Manager / Estimator

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The role of the Project Manager is to lead project teams to a successful completion of their assigned projects. This leadership requires a high emphasis on safety, customer satisfaction, quality, communication, organization and pre-planning. The outline of responsibilities below may change from project to project and expand as part of employee growth. This individual may be required to oversee multiple projects within the same time frame contingent upon size and complexity of project(s). Furthermore, size or complexity of project may require this individual to work with another Project Manager or under a Sr. Project Manager. We ask that all team members keep current with materials, industry trends and practices to ensure we are offering our clients a great project experience. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing document and may not include everything that is required of this position based on the needs of TEAM Construction.



  • Estimate projects

  • Guide and manage preconstruction related efforts specific to estimating.

  • Will be required to discover and estimate change orders that may come as a result of an RFI response, drawing revisions, schedule updates or field related production impacts.

  • Generating change orders with appropriate back-up including drawing overlays, take-offs, time and material tickets, vendor invoices and photo documentation

Pre-construction Planning:

  • Have a deep understanding of project requirements and look for creative ways to increase field productivity including on or offsite prefabrication

  • Generate man loaded schedules based upon achievable production rates

  • Have thorough understanding of project schedule and assist general contractor with revising schedule durations and sequencing as required to capitalize on productivity

  • Reviewing drawings for RFI’s, obtain responses to RFI’s prior to start of work to mitigate any delays in field production

  • Review and ensure field has all the documents, tools, materials and equipment necessary to be successful prior to commencing work

  • Handoff meetings with entire team to ensure understanding of projects.


Design / Build:

  • Some projects may require this individual to assist owner/architect and design team in a design / build scenario.  This requires thorough understanding of construction materials, codes and industry standards. 

  • Source and manage light gauge structural engineer through licensed engineer if required.  Provide direction to structural engineer to ensure details are feasible to build and designed in a manner that can be installed or erected in a production setting.

Financial Controls:

  • Review and validation of project estimates

  • Create and maintain project budgets

  • Create schedule of values for their projects

  • Generate and track monthly progress billings

  • Discover, compile, submit and track change orders & COR logs

  • Update budgets to reflect approved/executed change orders

  • Productivity tracking and review

  • Assisting field with tools required to accurately track progress of construction

  • Compile and review project financials on a weekly basis and assist with accurate month end margin projections

Sub-Subcontractor / Vendor Management:

  • Create bid packages, evaluate and award upon receipt

  • Create Subcontract Agreements and/or Purchase Agreements

  • Monitor progress of sub-subcontractors and vendors to ensure they meet schedule

  • Collect and review sub-subcontract and vendor progress billings

  • Authorize, track, review, submit and execute subcontractor change orders

Monitor Construction Progress:

  • Continually review budget versus actual

  • Walk project site(s) on a routine basis to confirm field is organized, maintaining a clean work area, working with most current documents and installing per project plans and specifications.

  • Understand added scopes versus contract scope

  • Review look-ahead schedules to ensure sequential flow of construction

  • Quantify/verify wallcovering (as applicable)

  • Ensure APM/PE is staying up-to-date on document control distribution to field staff/project team

  • Track daily labor resources (as applicable)

  • Attend onsite subcontractor meetings

  • Support field staff

  • Forecast/ensure manpower throughout project duration based on man-load schedule created in pre-con

Customer Relations:

  • Required to present yourself in professional manner

  • Build relationship with foundation of trust and integrity

  • Follow up with customers about progress, added/deducted scopes and/or issues

  • Follow up with customers about upcoming work

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