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Senior Pre-Construction Manager

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The role of the Sr. Pre-Construction Manager is to orchestrate project team members & relevant external project parties to successful complete their assigned projects. This leadership requires a high emphasis on Client engagement, conceptual understanding, customer satisfaction, quality, communication, organization, and pre-planning. The outline of responsibilities below may vary from project to project and expand as part of employee growth. This individual will be required to oversee multiple projects within the same time frame contingent upon size and complexity of project(s). Furthermore, size or complexity of project may require this individual to work with and manage Estimators within the preconstruction department. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing document and may not include everything that is required of this position based on the needs of TEAM Construction.


Sr. Preconstruction Managers shall demonstrate the following skills:

  • Teamwork

  • Computer Literacy

  • Organization & Efficiency

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills


General Pre-Construction:

  • Review of all RFP documents and information to formulate overall estimate strategy.

  • Set-up and professionally maintain estimate files throughout duration of estimate.

  • Advise upper management on strategic "go" or "no-go" decisions.

  • Understanding of the potential risks of general contracting and implements controls to identify risks at the pre-construction level and make recommendations to the Pre-Construction Design Team to mitigate potential risks.

  • Ability to identify potential pitfalls and "grey areas" within a project to minimize company risk.

  • General review of draft contract and general condition terms to advise upper management / company principals.

  • Ability to discuss constructability and site logistics issues with the appropriate TEAM Construction members or Trade Partner Professionals to accurately convey information in the Pre-Construction Process.

  • Ability to consistently meet client schedule task deadlines.

  • Effectively communicate estimate, schedule, logistics and estimate assumptions to client in meetings and in formal written narratives.

  • Leadership role on multiple Pre-Construction / Estimates projects with the ability to work within multiple Pre-Construction delivery models.

  • Update & maintain current historical costs database for efficient use by multiple users.

  • Effective and professional oral and written communication skills.

  • Establish, maintain, adjust company estimating standards and templates.

  • Lead/participate in estimate peer review prior to submittal.

RFP Process:

  • Review of RFP documents and information to formulate overall estimate strategy and delivery milestones.

  • Effective and professional company representation at site visits with ability to obtain and retain critical info regarding logistics, existing conditions, and critical trades.

  • Analyze competition for company advantages and disadvantages.

  • Assign and delegate estimate responsibilities to co-workers based on availability and experience.

  • Ability to schedule all activities of a construction project in company scheduling software.

  • Ability to schedule all front-end project activities including but not limited to permitting, procurement, and design development activities in company scheduling software.

  • Ability to identify areas of deficient design in construction documents and make recommendations to project design team to rectify deficiencies through the RFI process.

  • Management and disbursement of Addenda, Revisions, ASI, SK’s and RFI’s to participating Trade Partners to ensure Trade Partner Bid Proposal is complete and accurately portrays the contract documents.

  • Creation of Trade Partner Scope Outlines / Bid Forms to accurately convey project scopes to Trade Partners.

  • Analysis of material procurement lead times for effective project planning and guidance to client.

  • Concisely convey project information to project management team during hand-off meeting upon project award.

  • Analyze & Level competitive Trade Partner bid proposals.  Evaluate and synthesize, from a wholistic project perspective, the trade partners bid proposals to identify and avoid scope gaps and scope overlap.

Subcontractor Trade Interaction:

  • Ability to conduct accurate scope reviews of Trade Partner Bid Proposal of any trade involved on a variety of construction projects.

  • Accurate assessment of General Conditions needed to properly staff and manage a variety of construction projects.

  • Ability to identify project specific needs as they relate to a variety of one-of-a-kind projects in uniquely challenging environments.

  • Knowledge of union versus non-union subs and their impact as it relates to each estimate.

  • Provide Trade Partner feedback to bidding subs as information becomes available.

  • Foster & Maintain relationships within the Trade Partner community.


Conceptual Estimating:

  • Ability to quickly and accurately understanding trade requirements based on little or no design input.

  • Establish trade quantities based on little or no design input.

  • Application of unit costs relative to project scope and size.

  • Ability to foster & grow Concept Estimate to Schematic Design Estimate, Schematic Design to Design Development, and Design Development to CD Estimate/Buy Out.

  • Support client needs with the ability to provide pre-construction estimating, scheduling, and constructability reviews services throughout all of the design phases.


Self-Performed Trade Estimating:

  • Aware of company's signatory obligations and its translation to field capabilities.

  • Solid grasp of crew sizes and production rates.


Industry Knowledge / Relationships:

  • Develop & Maintain potential client opportunities through previous client, design, and industry relationships.



  • Establish complete and accurate Scope/Contract Values for all Trade Partner Contract Scopes of work upon project award / prime contract execution.

  • Create detailed Trade Partner Scope of Work contract exhibits to effectively minimize potential scope gaps or redundant scopes.


Software Expertise:

  • Microsoft Office

  • Planswift Takeoff

  • Microsoft Excel / Company Estimate - Excel Templates

  • Microsoft Project



  • Guide less-experienced team members in overall pre-construction process

  • Delegate specific tasks to team members which challenge and encourage progression.

  • Support and collaborate with other departments within TEAM Construction to promote company efficiencies and strengths.

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