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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Superintendent is responsible to achieve operational excellence of TEAM construction projects through the management of all construction operations in which they are assigned. The Superintendent is the catalyst of TEAM Construction policy, procedure and image that is communicated to clients and subcontractors. Achievement of the timely and profitable completion of each project, and to contribute to the distinction that TEAM Construction has earned, is the responsibility of the Superintendent. This is not intended to be an all-encompassing document and may not include everything that is required of this position based on the needs of TEAM Construction.


Superintendents shall demonstrate the following skills:

  • Strong Leadership

  • Critical Thinking

  • Computer Literacy

  • Management & Origination

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills


 Moreover, Superintendents will directly supervise and coordinate the following elements of construction projects:


Safety Preplanning & Implementation:

  • The highest standard of cleanliness will always be maintained on TEAM Construction projects and during all phases of construction.

  • Hazard Identification and Analysis will be performed for each project and for every scope required to build. 

  • The Superintendent will identify all activity and scope items that will require subcontractor preplanned documentation such as JHA, Control Access, Jobsite Shut Down, Special Permit, etc.

  • Weekly and task specific safety meeting will be held and coordinated with all trades prior to the start of a new scope.

  • Ensure compliance with Federal and Local jurisdictions as it relates to Safety and TEAM Construction Safety Policy, as well as hold subcontractors accountable for their company safety program.


Preconstruction & Activity Preplanning:

  • Using software provided by TEAM, generate plan sketches for construction projects detailing Delivery Routes and Material Laydown, Site Access, and Evocation Routes.

  • Perform detailed constructability reviews and contribute to the generation of specific scopes of work

  • Implement and coordinate project logistics with subcontractors and property representatives.

  • Post and maintain Site Signage detailing the project specifics prior to the start of any project.

  • Generate phased construction diagrams and sketches to facilitate specific activities and scopes.


Site Organization & Document Control:

  • Maintain detailed job specific Daily Reports, meticulously documenting all site activity to include coordination meetings, material delivery, safety, quality control, installation discrepancies, deficiency and corrections, as well as client interface.

  • Daily Reporting will include all subcontractor tasks and manhours, as well as, recorded delivery receipts, safety control, quality control checks.

  • Time & Material Tickets will be coordinated with TEAM Construction Project Management staff and accurately documented and verified by the Superintendent daily.

  • Manage Asbuilt project drawings. Ensure Asbuilts are updated weekly to included product changes, RFI’s changes, and layout coordination.  

  • Coordinate Subcontractor installation with adjacent Subcontractors for maximum schedule efficiency.

  • Enforce material delivery and laydown via approved routing plans and hours.


Quality Control Management:

  • Perform detailed constructability reviews for contractor installations

  • Coordinate project Plans, Specifications, Submittals, RFI’s, Shop Drawings for each scope.

  • Hold Coordination Meetings between all adjacent trades of and activity that requires two (2) or more trades.

  • Confirm all subcontractor layout prior to installations of new systems

  • Review that all material delivered to the project site conforms to Product and Submittal Data approved by the design team, plans, and specifications.

  • Ensure all systems installation conforms to Federal, National, and Local code requirements.


Schedule Generation, Logistics & Implementation:

  • Assist with the generation and review of the Master Project Schedule in a preconstruction capacity

  • Generate and implement project 3-Week look ahead schedules that have been coordinated with procurement and delivery logs.

  • Ensure Subcontract teams receive accurately coordinated weekly schedule updates complete with all activities, inspections, shut downs, etc.

  • Assist the Project Manager in the weekly update of the project Master Schedule.

  • Ensure inspections with State, County, City, and 3rd Party officials is conducted for all required scopes of work are scheduled and completed.


Software & Technical Understanding:

  • MS Project / P6 – Understands program and can manage a Critical Path Method schedule

  • Excel – Thorough understanding of inter-workings of this platform

  • Planswift / OST – Demonstrates abilities to produce quantity take-offs by area

  • All Microsoft Platforms

  • Bluebeam

  • Procore

About the Company


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