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“Don’t Compare” – There is only one YOU, and no other. – Anonymous

Chaz Behm

Chaz Behm

Vice President of Pre-Construction & Estimating

Chaz Behm is a Senior Pre-Construction Project Manager and Estimator with over 20 years of expertise in Development & Pre-Construction. His experience includes managing the complete design-build process as the Project Lead over Architects, Consultants, and Designers. His management strength lies in his ability to develop and carry a Clients concept to the start of construction. Using his two decades of construction experience in the Las Vegas Valley, he has some of the highest levels of cost analysis for the current market of materials and labor to provide concise guidance to start any construction project. As a senior member of TEAM Construction, Chaz’s knowledge and involvement with means and methods of design intent allow the concept to be maintained through to fruition with savings to our Clients.

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